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—DMA - the system of multiply access with code division - became, probably, most promising system which has appeared in the world market.

In technology CDMA maintenance of high quality of speech is possible at simultaneous decrease in radiated capacity and a level of noise. Result is constant high quality of transfer of speech and data with the minimal average target capacity.

In tens times smaller value of target capacity unlike other, now in use standards - distinctive quality of technology CDMA by consideration of two important factors:
Influences on an organism of the person;
Operation time without additional charge of the accumulator.

Capacity CDMA in three-six times exceeds capacity of other digital systems. The networks constructed on its basis, effectively use a radio-frequency resource, owing to an opportunity of repeated use of one same frequencies in a network.Under quality characteristics of transfer CDMA speech parameters are comparable to quality of wire channels. System CDMA provides a smaller delay in transfer of the voice message, than other systems of mobile communication. This property gives side benefits CDMA in conditions of cities with high-altitude buildings.Owing to the opportunities standard CDMA has officially been recognized by world telecommunication community the standard of 3-rd generation of wireless communication.

Considering all the above-stated positive factors, company ULTEL within the limits of the first stage of project CDMA2000 1X, beginning from 01.09.2006 of year has commissioned the wireless network (ATS-480) covering all territory of city Baku and peninsula Absheron.

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