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If you have questions apply us:

Service selling:
tel.:  +(99412) 490 16 16
fax: +(99412) 490 37 99

Internet Customers support:
tel.:  +(99412) 490 50 51

CDMA Customers support:
tel.:  +(99412) 480 12 12

Head ţffice:
tel.:  +(99412) 490 20 20
fax: +(99412) 490 20 30


Attention of users who want connect optical access to the Internet!

Starting from September 1, 2018, "ULTEL" introduces new tariffs for individuals who want connect optical access to the Internet. These tariffs apply to both individuals and legal entities. Speed of access of existing users of optical access is increased in accordance with a monthly fee. New tariffs can be viewed here.

Dear telephone subscribers and internet users!

Please note that the deadline for the monthly payment for telephone services is the 20th of next month, and for Internet services is the 5th of the current month. For payment of Telephone and Internet access services, you can use the following payment channels.

On-line payment  1.
In-cash payment  1. Ultel's Customer office
    2. In the cash payment stations (MilliÖn, E-manat, EasyPay)
    3. Post Brunchs of Azeri Post Management
Bank köçürülməsi ilə ödəmə  Ultel MMC   VÖEN:9900052281
    Bank: Kapital Bank ASC, Xətai filialı
    Code: 200071   VÖEN: 9900003611   S.W.I.F.T. AIIBAZ2X
    C/a: AZ37NABZ01350100000000001944
    C/a: AZ24AIIB40050019440419740107
Electron Tax Invoice(E-VHF)  If you have Tax IN, 2nd or 3th of each month will send E-VHF for your e-Box on the Ministry of Taxes Web-site. On this basis, you can do payment.
Invoice  If Invoice is requires for payment you can get it in the Ultels Customer Office.
Invoice to E-mail address  If you want reseive monthly invoice by e-mail please send us official letter with indicated e-mail address

To attention Ónalog cable TV users and IP-TV users with monthly tariff 9,00 manat!

Monthly tariff for analog cable TV users, as well as users of IP-TV, which had previously paid 9.00 manat per month, starting from 01/11/2015 will be 10.00 manat per month.
Information for Internet users!

Tariff 5,00 manats per month for 1 static IP-address is apply for ADSL, Symmetric Internet and Guaranteed Internet users from the 01/04/2014.

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