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Service selling:
tel.:  +(99412) 490 16 16
fax: +(99412) 490 37 99

Internet Customers support:
tel.:  +(99412) 490 50 51

CDMA Customers support:
tel.:  +(99412) 480 12 12

Head Óffice:
tel.:  +(99412) 490 20 20
fax: +(99412) 490 20 30


Taking into consideration the important role of telecommunications in the activity of big companies and organizations, "ULTEL" LTD shows a particular care in cooperation with corporative clients. For this purpose the special groups of serial dial up (hunt group) are set with pilot number and with ability to transmit a contour of payment.

It is also possible to connect the PABX system of companies by SIP Protocol or digital 2Mb/s to E1 link with ISDN PRI signalling. In this case, the user of PABX acquires the whole range of services provided in public switches, right up to direct external number.

As a rule, for providing the best quality and avoiding the losses, such kind of connections, performed via optical cable by using optical multiplexor and other equipments. For this purpose, ULTEL has laid optical cable practically to all big business centers and hotel complexes of our capital.

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