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If you have questions apply us:

Service selling:
tel.:  +(99412) 490 16 16
fax: +(99412) 490 37 99

Internet Customers support:
tel.:  +(99412) 490 50 51

CDMA Customers support:
tel.:  +(99412) 480 12 12

Head Óffice:
tel.:  +(99412) 490 20 20
fax: +(99412) 490 20 30


Digital and NGN telecommunication services of "ULTEL" LTD accessible for population as well as companies situated at the whole territory of the operation of switches 488/489/490/496, 424, and also at the cabled area of the switches 464/465 and 436.

Procedure of installation is very simple. It is enough to fill the application in the Customer office and wait for answer during the 1-3 days. Residents of the new constructed buildings may conclude the contract for installation the telephone just by first coming to the Customer office.

For concluding the contract minimum of documents are required:

a) Passport (ID card) - if the address of registration coincides with the address where the telephone must be installed.
b) Passport (ID card) and the document which testifies the belonging of the person to the place where he wishes to install the telephone - if address of registration doesn't coincide with the address of the place where the telephone must be installed.

Such a simple procedure is applied for all other customers.

Digital and NGN switches of "ULTEL" LTD have a full range of additional services, such as: call divert, call code, call waiting, conference-call, wake-up and e.t.c. The customer hot line support is also available. Customers can monthly receive detailed list of international and intercity calls. Payment for provided services can be made using link "Online payment" on our web site as well as, web sites. In addition, paying for services may also be made through a wide network of Pay Point kiosks and any post office.

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