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Service selling:
tel.:  +(99412) 490 16 16
fax: +(99412) 490 37 99

Internet Customers support:
tel.:  +(99412) 490 50 51

CDMA Customers support:
tel.:  +(99412) 480 12 12

Head Óffice:
tel.:  +(99412) 490 20 20
fax: +(99412) 490 20 30


In the organizations with several branches frequently appears the need of their association into the united transmission network of data. If earlier this problem was solved by the organization of the lines of direct communications, so-called [LPS], when all end users were connected to their central office along the usual physical lines, using in this case the expensive modems, then today we can organize this network by means of appropriate equipment existing at our exchanges. Such networks are called the Virtual Private Networks - VPN.

Let us note that since 2009 ULTEL in interaction with other operators allows services to Virtual Private Network when one (or several) of connected points are on the territory, operated by ULTEL, and other points are located in any place for Baku and Azerbaijan.
VPN Tariffs

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